Amanda Schurr from Offbeat’s review of Voodoo Fest, ‘meh’ is right. I only went one day, Sunday, and I am so thankful that my ticket was ‘miracled’ to me. I’d be really pissed if I had paid the ridiculously high fee for such a subpar event. Some might argue I’m too old for that shit – early 40’s, maybe they’re right. But many of my friends know I’m a lover of music – all kinds – and I am one of the few women who doesn’t mind pissing in a portolet. I don’t believe it’s because I’m too old. I do have expectations – especially when people are paying $125 per day!?! With the economy where it is, the pricing just seemed ludicrous and out of touch.I thought their art market was weak; the amusement area was so so; and the cool lights & illuminated structure of previous Voodoo Fest’s were few and far between. I’m really baffled by what they spent those high fares on. Did they overprice the fest so much that they eliminated a large group of people that would have gone? It seemed pretty dead. The weather was cold, so I’m sure that didn’t help – and by Sunday many people have overpartied and just succumb to excess.Entertainment-wise, Jack White was terrific – he was worth going 100%. He & his band were spot on and they totally rocked the house with a variety of hits old & new. Other than that – it was a huge vapid waste and it’s really a shame.

Voodoo 2012 in Review.